Let’s minimize food waste by minimizing Christmas!

You are standing right next to one of the smallest Christmas trees that have ever decorated the squares of Lithuanian cities. But its uniqueness lies not only in size – this is the first Christmas tree in Lithuania (and perhaps in the whole world) that invites you to stop food waste and plan the end-of-the-year holidays more responsibly.

This Christmas tree symbolizes the Lithuanian Food bank initiative “Let’s make Christmas smaller.” It invites you to minimize Christmas by reducing the excessive attributes of the holiday, but not the goodness or the festive spirit. After all, what is important is not the loaded tables but the people who are with us. The campaign aims to reduce the record amounts of food thrown away during the holiday season and promote conscious consumption.

Why do we need it?

We waste too much food.

Especially during the festive season, when almost 60 percent of Lithuanians throw out perfectly edible food leftovers. Lithuanians admit that they throw out 30 percent more food during the holiday season than regularly. Such an amount of food would feed thousands of families in need. In addition, wasted food directly contributes to global warming.

Let’s change it by minimizing Christmas and stopping food waste together.

Merry (smaller) Christmas and Happy New Year!